Demers Parts, Inc.

Demers Inc Logo

My pride and joy, the first site I independently created for a client. Unfortunately, the client had alot of input on the aesthetics of the site, so it is a bit hard on the eyes at first, but the functionality and performance of the site is outstanding!!! This project involved …

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Heavenly Scruptious

My latest client! I will update this when I have a completed site to show off!!!

House Watch Sarasota

housewatch sarasota logo

This site was designed while I was working as a subcontractor for e-Sacred Grounds eCommerce Solutions as a subcontractor. So…it doesn’t have my name on it.  🙁  But I did do the lions share of creating the site. It was designed with a Bootstrap template. Here is a link to …

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Suzanne’s Photo Art

Suzanne's Photo Art Logo

A fun and artsy site. This site was designed using a free WordPress theme. The site features a number of galleries, a contact form, and some basic SEO. Here is a live link to the site!

Come Sail Away Yacht

Come Sail Away Logo

This site is designed in WordPress, has contact forms, analytics, validation, custom CSS3, and many other features. Here is a link to the live site!

Tune In and Sound Off with Kevin Demers

Tune In and Sound Off Pageview

This project was fairly straightforward. The site includes a home page, contact sheet, blog, sponsors page, and a podcast section. There are in page links to dozens of podcasts! Here is a link to the live site

JWF & Clean Cut Pool Cage Painting & Restoration

JWF & Clean Cut Logo

Developed with a Premium WordPress template. This site has some serious pop! The site includes a premium slider and Facebook feed in addition to the standard elements. It also contains a gallery of 160 images! Here is a link to

Poodle Power

Poodle Power Screen Shot

This was a site that was designed using only HTML code, javascript, and jQuery. The site has neat interactive aspects, but the owner no longer wishes to maintain it, having moved to a new business. On the upside, the site used a free hosting company in Newfoundland, and will be up …

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Smart’s Web Services

Smarts Web Services

This is the site you are currently viewing. This site changes frequently, but you are welcome to explore the various features and functions I have built into it!! Here is a live link to the site!

The Classic Rock Series

Classic Rock Series Logo

An offshoot of the KDIM Entertainment website, I also inherited this project partially finished. This site is a very simple splash page that promotes the current events of the Classic Rock Series by KDIM Entertainment. There are several variations of the page, that have been updated each time there is a …

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