Create a New Website

If you need a brand new website, I will build it to your specifications. I have created many sites, with various client requirements, including:

  • Blogs
  • e-Commerce
  • Photo galleries
  • Contact forms
  • Rotating slider images
  • Catalogs of inventory items
  • Catalog downloads
  • Employee profiles
  • Printing capabilities
  • Mobile optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization

Whether it is a simple personal blog, informational page about a company, or complex e-commerce site, or something in between, I will build you what you need. I can work in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip, Bootstrap, WordPress or whatever you need.

Update or Upgrade Your Out-of-Date Websites

Many times, websites that are still serving legitimate, ongoing businesses, appear so neglected that customers may decide that the company is no longer in business, and look for an alternative.

Many older websites have out of date information and old pictures. It is likely that your site needs updates to improve performance and security. Regardless of who built your website, we can work together to make these minor changes, if we can get access into wholesale nfl jerseys China the back-end of your website.

Repair Your Existing Website

Is your site broken? Does it have videos that will not play, or pictures that wont display? Does it have broken hyper-links? We can help you get your website looking professional again!

Do You Just Need A GEEK?

I am a geek, and I am proud of it! If you have a problem with your website that does not seem to fit into these categories, but just think you need a geek to figure something out, I can provide that service as well!!!

Nothing deters customers more quickly than a website that has been neglected!

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